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JC the Cuban Roller



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Embark on a journey of luxury with a hand-rolled Salomon cigar. The 'Salomon' shape is a masterpiece of complexity and artistry. With its distinct double-tapered design, this cigar starts with a wide foot, narrows in the middle, and widens again towards the head.

This unique silhouette allows for an evolving flavor profile, as each section showcases the nuances of the finest tobacco blend. The tapered head ensures a controlled draw, while the generous length invites you to savor the experience. Elevate your senses with the exquisite craftsmanship of a Solomon cigar, a true testament to the mastery of Cuban cigar tradition.

Please purchase cigars and accessories by phone at 904-808-1523 (store) or 904-540-9368 (cell), email, or visit our historic downtown Saint Augustine, Florida, location: 162 St George St #17, St. Augustine, FL 32084.

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